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Life and Pensions are two of a kind that enable one to save money for old age when Income-earning capacity may have reduced considerably even up to zero.

Life Assurance is a plan under which large groups of persons may share, equally, the burden of loss that may arise from death by distributing the funds they contribute to Life Insurance to the beneficiaries of those who die. Life Insurance is subdivided into three types:

 • Term Assurance Policy
 • Whole Life Policy
 • Endowment Policy

As brokers of International repute, we arrange World class Life Assurance Policies that would be beneficial to our Clients and their beneficiaries. On the other hand, Occupational Pension Scheme for corporate clients would be handled to reflect our professional expertise in choosing and negotiating favourable terms on behalf of our clients.

We represent the interest of our clients at all times in the continuous liaison with necessary pension fund Administrators and Custodians for effective and efficient overseeing of Pension Funds.